Pefanis Lamprogiannis

Rank: Under Academic Scholarship
Telephone: 2671092855

Pefanis Lamprogiannis

Lamprogiannis Pefanis is currently researching for his doctoral thesis to be submitted at the Department of Music Studies, University of Athens and he is violinist and composer. He has a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens and an MA from the interdepartmental postgrad studies program of the same university under the title Musical Culture and Communication. Anthropological and Communicative Approaches to Music. He holds a diploma in Composition, as well as degrees in Violin, Harmony, Counterpoint, the Fugue, and Byzantine Music. Together with Stefanos Fevgalas he co-published Musical Transcriptions I – 184 instrumental tunes from the Aegean and Ionian Seas, Crete and Cyprus (Papagrigoriou – Nakas Publications, 2014), Musical Transcriptions II – 200 instrumental tunes from Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece and the Peloponnese (Papagrigoriou – Nakas Publications, 2016) and Kariotikos - Versions of the icarian instrumental tune (Papagrigoriou – Nakas Publications, 2017). He was musical editor of The Whirl of the Dance (2009), a volume containing previously unpublished traditional songs of the island of Kefalonia, to which he also contributed as a violinist. His teaching activity has also included a series of seminars on Performance of musical transcriptions and questions of musical modes. He co-published (together with Gerassimos Galanos) Charilaos Gerassimou Chorafas – Inspired Songwriter (KEDIKE Publications, 2014) and the two-volume Logia Kefalonian Muse, works by Kefalonian composers of the 19th and 20th centuries (TEI – Ionian Islands, 2015, 2016).



Department of Ethnomusicology, Lixuri, Kefalonia, Postal Code 28200,
Tel: +30 26710-92855