Anestopoulos Dimiitrios

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Anestopoulos Dimiitrios

    Anestopoulos Dimiitrios: Curriculum Vitae
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Dimitris Anestopoulos was born in Aigion, Greece in 1975. In 1998 he received his B.Sc. degree in Physics from the department of Physics, University of Patras, and postgraduate and PhD degree (2001 and 2007 respectively) from the same department. His research was mainly focused in the broad field of optoelectronics and photophysics new materials and structures. Especially in the study and characterization of their optical and electronic properties, through Laser technology and Ultrafast Lasers systems, Time resolved spectroscopy, Two-photon microscopy, opto-electronic, Optical interferometry – Holography He has extensive experience in teaching as educational staff in various Departments of Higher Technological Educational Institutions in Greece and from 2013 to present he teaches at the Department of Sound and Musical Instruments Technology of H. T. E .I. of the Ionian Islands.

He is a Post doc researcher at the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (ICE-HT) Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), within the frames of various research projects. It focuses on the experimental study of the optical, mechanical, electronic and acoustic properties of materials and high technological interest structures with emphasis on specific two-dimensional crystals, such as Graphene, MoS2, WS2, etc. which formed the basis for the development of nanotechnology. In particular, his current research activities focus on the production and their study through the impact of external disruptions such as pressure, strain engineering or even by chemical modification of their structure. Production of large size flakes of Graphene and related two dimensional (2D) atomic thickness membranes (molybdenum disulphide MoS2, tungsten disulfide WS2 etc.) by mechanical exfoliation method, Transfer techniques of two-dimensional crystals on different substrates (semiconductor, various metals, polymers). Advanced characterization techniques 2D nanomaterials: (Imaging Raman spectroscopy techniques & Photoluminescence through high-volume collection spectra methods), (Raman, and Photoluminescence under strain engineering (bi- and mono-axial), (tensile, compressive) with specific devices), (Atomic Force Microscopy in combination with Raman Spectroscopy and Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering), (pump and probe Raman spectroscopy). In recent years his research has focused on the study and application of new materials in the field of Acoustics and Music Technology.

He has 9 Publications in International Scientific Journals and 42 Publications in International and National conferences.


Department of Ethnomusicology, Lixuri, Kefalonia, Postal Code 28200,
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